I am the first to admit that even as a fitness enthusiast, without a plan, community, support and accountability, I fall off the wagon all too fast! 
As a mom of 4, I know exactly how daunting it felt to so desperately want to feel good in my skin again...but not know how to do it. With the RIGHT formula, it was just a matter of time before I was getting quick results and ultimately in the best shape of my life....my friend, no matter where you're at today, YOU CAN TOO!
Kim Challan, mom of 4
Fit Mom Tribe 
Many years ago I began to experience that making minor changes to my diet, exercise and lifestyle would lead to major changes in my health and happiness. Through this process, I realized that food changes everything. With that insight, I committed to sharing what my passion is with others. But in turn I needed the same encouragement I was giving out. Fit Mom Tribe has been just that for me. Being a busy homeschool mom of four, I can get lost in the mix of everything. I was needing connection with other women facing the same struggles in life I was facing. Fit Mom Tribe has been my safe place to be me and I know I won’t be judged. I am lifted up, encouraged, supported, pushed and loved! It’s the community of all communities. I always believed that when powerful women come together magic happens. By “powerful women” I mean women that have a deep connection with their inner soul. I call that kind of women an authentic soul. A women with an authentic soul can change her environment but a group of women that are authentic souls can change the world!
Lisa Van Horn, mom of 4
Fit Mom Tribe 
I began my journey with the Fit Mom Tribe Community in March 2016, and in just a few short days I knew I had found my people! The first Clean Eat Challenge I participated in turned out to be one of the most rewarding experience, EVER! Not only did I lose weight during those initial 21 days but I gained life long friendships with some incredible mommas. As a mom of 7, I know the struggle of balancing a busy demanding life all too well! So it’s nice to know you have a place to go to where there is ZERO judgment, support, accountability, and the motivation you need to see your health and fitness goals through. Kim and FMT Community has helped me to make lifestyle changes that stick, and to understand that I don’t have to be perfect, to make progress! 
Jenn DesAutels mom of 7
Fit Mom Tribe 
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